NYCC ’16 Racism: Peter David Anti-Rromani Statements at X-Men LGBTQ Panel

Reblogged from RomaPop: On October 6, 2016, RomaPop addressed the issue of Roma representa-tion in Marvel comic books during a panel titled “ X-Traordinary : LGBT X-Men Characters discussing issues inclusiveness, representation, and portrayals during the New York Comic-Con. In response to our question, Peter David American writer of comic books, novels, television, movies […]

Carry on regardless: Italy’s Roma eviction toll tops 300 in August

By Bernard Rorke and Rosi Mangiacavallo Despite international criticism, and calls for the Council of Europe to halt all forced evictions of Roma, Italy just carries on regardless. ERRC monitoring revealed that in the final summer month of August, the Italian authorities evicted more than 300 Roma in a series of actions across the country. […]